Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The apocryphal tale of Primus Vitellus.

A tale told in taverns and inns by those that still remember it. For the deed took place hundreds of years ago. It is the story of either a brave or stupid refugee from yet another world turned to water and brought her, adrift to the Rainy City. She, yes she, for she was a woman, though people don’t know this, thanks in part to the efforts of Musca the Censor who thought that no woman could have accomplished such a deed (DENIED!) and thus edited the tale and “Prima” became “Primus” (APPROVED!), she was a brave soul indeed. With great bell helm she went down, down into the deep dark that was the base of the great submerged wizard’s school. And therein, she set to exploring. The way was fraught with peril and terror and she suffered no small amount of pain and anguishing wounds. Eventually though, she found her way to a room, piles of coin and jewels lay there, surrounded by glittering items of all sorts, and in the center stood a pedestal. And on that pedestal sat a box with a huge golden key jutting from it. Not knowing what that key would do once turned, she swallowed her fear and with a mighty twist, Prima turned that key.
The walls of the school shook, and the waves outside set to spinning and whirling. The sky above, unseen to her, cracked open and the rain ceased to fall…for five minutes.

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