Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Temple of the Sea's Bounty

Temple of the Sea’s Bounty
There is a landless temple in the Rainy City, a great boat that plies the waters around the rock at all the Worlds’ End. The Temple of the Sea’s Bounty is a salvaging ship, trawling and dredging the Rainy City’s bay, dragging great hooks deep below the surface of sea, seeking treasures and resources that only the sea will provide. Most of the congregation lives aboard the ship, which never stops moving. Those who wish to join must take a ship or boat out amongst the waves to the great ark-like ship; this includes the rare and brave traders who do business with the temple. Their great and bountiful goddess takes the form of a huge and fecund human woman’s upper torso with the lower torso of an octopus. Each arm reaching out and grabbing or handing out items found at the bottom of the sea

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